Message from Head

Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences, School of Arts and Social Sciences at Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

The Department of Social Sciences is committed to foster theoretical and practical knowledge, professional training and global awareness, and offer our talented students opportunities to develop social, economic and political understanding and critical thinking. We currently offer seven undergraduate programmes and two taught master programmes. One prominent feature of our undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes is their emphasis on interdisciplinary learning of social sciences. Our postgraduate programmes are designed to meet the needs of further studies and career development for university graduates and working adults. Our undergraduate curriculum design aims to cultivate a global view and professional expertise among our students, which is what Hong Kong needs for its future development. Students immerse in well-structured psychology, sociology, political science and economics interdisciplinary curriculum in their year 1 study, and progressively develop and specialize in their own discipline through engaging in featured courses, service-learning programmes, study tours, summer exchange and internship programmes. Also, we have built partnerships with NGOs such as Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service (HKLSS) and The Salvation Army.

We strive to promote education and professional training to align with the emerging needs of our society and students’ diverse learning interests. In January 2019, our Department successfully obtained a grant amounted at 5.7 million dollars from the Research Grant Council to establish the Public and Social Policy Research Centre (PSPRC). PSPRC aims to enhance the research capability of HKMU academics, particularly in the disciplines of economic, public policy and social policy. The policy research undertaken by PSPRC focuses on ageing and housing policies in Hong Kong. Research is integral to the academic excellence of our Department. Our students are offered plenty of opportunities to engage in numerous hands-on research projects. Many social sciences students enjoy the experience of academic exchanges with fellow students, academics and professional experts across the globe during their study at the HKMU.

Our faculty members are from various social sciences fields, including psychology, sociology, political science, public administration, economics, geography and anthropology. They are committed to make the best use of technology to encourage innovative ways to enhance learning effectiveness. For example, we believe that Virtual Reality (VR) technology allows students to apply knowledge in real-life situations which makes learning more interesting. With around 2.4 million dollars funding support of the Education Bureau, our Department is undertaking a Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) project to develop a series of VR videos and instructional materials for teaching social sciences courses. Our academic staff are not only enthusiastic educators who proactively facilitate our students to receive the best quality of social sciences education, but also conscientious researchers who actively seek research funding and participate in collaborative research projects of PSPRC.

The opportunities will continue to grow at our Department. I cordially invite you to explore our Department website to learn more about the vast array of experiences and opportunities provided by us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining our Department or collaborating with us. We welcome you to join us in our fruitful journey. Stay connected with us.

Dr Lam Wai Man
Head of Social Sciences cum Associate Professor