Project Description

Master of Social Sciences


  • This master programme is the first postgraduate programme offered by a local tertiary institution that provides integrated training in criminology, economics, psychology and political science from the perspective of social sciences
  • Provides advanced training in various social sciences disciplines, such as economics, psychology, sociology and politics science, in order for students to reflect on social sciences issues from different academic viewpoints
  • Trains social sciences practitioners with sound knowledge in theory and practice to help people, organizations and communities develop innovative solutions, and to accomplish excellence in undertaking research in social sciences
  • Provides postgraduate education and training in public and social policy analysis and governance with economic, psychology and political science emphases
  • Graduates will be particularly competitive in the job market for positions directly or indirectly related to social research in both private and public sectors.
Study mode and duration
Master of Social Sciences
Applied Economics and Policy Analysis
Applied Psychology
Criminology and Social Policy Studies
Global Governance
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